The Mali Talkshow

Far away from podiums and panels, Mali M Baum invites key figures and influencers from her business network and politics once a week for a very personal and open exchange.

Let’s talk about successes, openly and honestly, challenges, the big picture, and the small moments that make a person, in a very special, unplugged way with open doors approach. It’s time to give back.

With the people that are with me on this TalkShow and team I know we are going to make an impact and raise a significant voice, here in Germany and in the world.

What are we going to talk about?


[…] high-technology, founders, investors, business, partnerships, Politics, and above all personal stories! it’s all about the people […]

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Mali is the sacred combination of entrepreneurship, business, and technology.


Mali is sitting for a personal talk with key figures in Germany and the world. Unleashing the network for EVERYONE to get access

“I feel very grateful, for the people around me, for the people in my life, this is how I make things done! We all have magic, we all have this spark that makes us wake up every day and do what we do.”

– Mali M Baum

The Mali Talkshow is produced  in a close partnership by Studio. For more information please write to (partnerships) or contact (production) – or get in touch via the Contact page.

Latest Episodes

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Susan Danziger and Cindy Gallop talking with Mali Baum

Susan Danziger and Cindy Gallop talking with Mali Baum

The triangle of magic! Female investors & Female founders.Susan, Mali and Cindy are collaborating for years..Unleashing the network is about sharing skills and tips that you can't have out of the inner circle.Now - you can. Susan:" My vision is a future led by...

Mali Baum features Patric Palm: “never a better time to start a company then now”

Mali Baum features Patric Palm: “never a better time to start a company then now”

From exit to a business angel.

Mali Baum meets Patric Palm of Favro, Being very optimistic about founders launching their companies during the pandemic.”If you can make it now then you have proven your worth.” Mali and Patric embrace this vision and talking also about the long-term goals that are in supporting female entrepreneurship in Europe and why it the best time to invest in female founders, by walking the talk we are making a huge difference. from planning to executing.

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