The Mali Talkshow

Far away from podiums and panels, Mali M Baum invites key figures and influencers from her business network and politics once a week for a very personal and open exchange.

Let’s talk about successes, openly and honestly, challenges, the big picture, and the small moments that make a person, in a very special, unplugged way with open doors approach. It’s time to give back.

With the people that are with me on this TalkShow and team I know we are going to make an impact and raise a significant voice, here in Germany and in the world.

What are we going to talk about?


[…] high-technology, founders, investors, business, partnerships, Politics, and above all personal stories! it’s all about the people […]

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Mali is the sacred combination of entrepreneurship, business, and technology.


Mali is sitting for a personal talk with key figures in Germany and the world. Unleashing the network for EVERYONE to get access

“I feel very grateful, for the people around me, for the people in my life, this is how I make things done! We all have magic, we all have this spark that makes us wake up every day and do what we do.”

– Mali M Baum

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Latest Episodes

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Mali talks about eco systems with Hila Ovil Brenner Techstars Tel Aviv

Mali talks about eco systems with Hila Ovil Brenner Techstars Tel Aviv

“Stepping into a VC room, while I was 9 months pregnant and asked for 5 million dollars”, that was the beginning of my investors becoming my partners and friends, until the IPO”. Hilla Ovil-Brenner. Tel Aviv.

Is the Israel tech ecosystem is really a complex one? A door opening discussion for German startups, investors, and founders who always asking these Q.

On top, how come the Israeli’s are superstars when it comes to fundraising in high numbers, IPOs, SPACs, and Exits.. what is the DNA of it?
Don’t believe everything you hear.. we are the insiders, not all pink but lots to take and learn.

Mali M Baum, with Hilla Ovil-Brenner, MD of Techstars Tel-Aviv and founder of Yazamiot are collaborating for years with highlighting FEMALE FOUNDERS, access to capital, and connect Israel and the German innovation between startups and corporates.

In this episode, you can dive into WHAT is needed to become successful? WHY you have to be global to become a significant VOICE in your industry? What is Germany great in and what Israelis and german has to learn from each other?

No one is perfect! nothing is pink in both ecosystems but for sure, both must partner-up more for their own global success.

Hila:” Becoming a global is a must for becoming successful ”
Mali :” Israelis and German are the best combination when it comes to raising successful and impactful companies, the ‘go get it ‘and the ‘lets make it safe’ makes a balance ”

Listen to this Mali Talkshow episode, open your mind and get ready for a mind-blowing discussion between these two community leaders and investors from Berlin and Tel Aviv.

Mali is curious to learn more about the life of Mirna Funk

Mali is curious to learn more about the life of Mirna Funk

Mali Baum and Mirna Funk in a rare discussion,diving into painful topics that are usually left outside of any mainstream discussions.Are the 'German Ladies' have a 'mindset' problem? are they underestimated? or underestimated themselves? Are we in the right direction...

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